Cloud ERP For Manufacturing

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Cetec ERP is an incredibly powerful solution, easy enough for my staff to use and understand, and most importantly - affordable for my small business! The Cetec ERP team has always dropped everything to support my system.
- Kelly Bell, M3 Distribution, Electronics MFG


Power of Integration
An integrated system to make your business faster, simpler, and more efficient. Use Cetec ERP to produce ROI and grow your business.

Extraordinary Value
Cetec ERP is full-featured and scaleable, yet user-friendly and priced without peer. Get more for less.

Easy To Use
Take advantage of a simple, intuitive web interface; training your users on ERP has never been easier.

Friendly Support
Lean on a friendly, expert team of ERP and manufacturing specialists to guarantee success.

The cloud based access is exceptional. They have a true understanding of manufacturing quality when it comes to this software. The product is economical and easy to navigate; if you're looking for price and support, this is the way to go.
- Andrew Salazar, Frontier Oil Tools & Smith Material Solutions, Houston, TX


Simplify Manufacturing Quoting
Make costing a complex BOM easier, quicker and more accurate.

Reduce Chaos, Increase Control
Locate your orders quickly and easily throughout the build process. Manage your shop floor with more control.

Eliminate Paper
Leverage inexpensive hardware like tablets or chromebooks and remove volumes of paper from your shop floor.

Be on Top of Scheduling
Prepare and plan based on customer demand and current capacity. Predict and prepare for “what if” situations to capitalize on opportunities.

Production Schedule
Hover and scroll to zoom; click and drag to move dates.

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I’ve done two ERP selections in two years, and I went with Cetec ERP both times. They’re still the only product I know that does everything I need. I was able to figure most of the things out on my own. I didn’t even have to get training. It was easy to implement and install. It keeps your inventory straight; it offers you the ability to track your labor on a job at the floor level; it fits any industry that’s cell based work center production and works on a bill of material. It’s a product that’s always improving.
- Lance Court, Reid MFG, LLC, Oklahoma City, OK


Get Certifications for ISO, API, etc.
Cetec ERP helps you satisfy the core requirements of ISO, API, and related standards efficiently.

Streamline Audit Prep Tasks
Preparing for audits is no longer such a time-consuming task. Just use our automated reports.

Stay Consistent and Enforce Good Process
Define consistent, traceable processes.

Integrate to Shop Floor
Seamlessly add shop floor routing, inspection, scheduling/tracking functionality for a small fee.

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